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Young People’s Concert Series


The 2016-2017 Series will include the following artists.

KUNDA African Culture & Dance                                                        November 21-24 and 28, 2016

KUNDA, meaning “family”, fronted by Kocassale Dioubate, a Mandingo-tribe griot (descendant of a  long line of traditional singers, musicians and keepers of tribal history) from Guinea, West Africa, is a group of international artists, driven to share their vibrant heritage through music and dance, promoting respect and awareness of ethnic diversity, and encouraging people of all backgrounds to unify in peace and harmony, as one world, one love and one people… One family.

CANADIAN MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY: The Birth of the CPR                    January 23-27,2017

Canada’s greatest true adventures come to life as actor-musicians recreate pivotal events in hilarious,dramatic and magical musicals. Over a million students and teachers have enjoyed a treasure trove of thrilling Canadian stories written by three-time Jessie nominee and award-winning composer/playwright, Allen Desnoyers.

RED SKY PERFORMANCE: Mistatim                                                                February 20-24, 2017

Red Sky is Canada’s leading company of contemporary Indigenous (Aboriginal) performance in dance, theatre and music. This multi-award-winning company was founded by Artistic Director Sandra Laronde in 2000. Red Sky creates, innovates, produces, tours and makes lasting connections anchored here in Canada and around the world. It has ignited the imaginations of 675,000 people in nine countries on four continents.