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Summer Session for Indigenous Learners

There will be a summer session course for Indigenous learners going into grades 2 and 3. Many Nations, Many Stories will focus on addressing the literacy needs of Indigenous learners through a culturally reflective and rich literacy environment over the course of the summer.

Where: Maywood Community School
When: July 9-26 from 9am-12:15pm
Who: Indigenous students going into grades 2 and 3

Program Objectives:
• Address early literacy needs of Indigenous students through group learning implementing targeted or remedial instructional strategies to increase reading fluency
• Exploration of local Indigenous knowledges, identity, languages, traditions through literature
• Foster engagement in and enjoyment of reading
• Decrease Indigenous student summer reading loss
• Access to key resources to support literacy development at home and to increase parent involvement/participation

Student Outcomes:
• Read fluently at grade level (Grade 2, English Language Arts)
• Use developmentally appropriate reading, listening, and viewing strategies to make meaning (Grade 2, English Language Arts)

This course is not listed on the Summer Session website. If interested, please let Ms. Seanna Maher  or Ms. Vivian Norman know. Deadline to register is June 21st.