Meal Program



Stride Avenue Community School is pleased to continue to offer a hot lunch program to students. The School Meal Program was established to provide a nutritious lunch for those students who would otherwise go hungry while at school. It is paid for by a combination of parent contributions, charitable donations and funding from the provincial Ministry of Education. The cost of the food and of the labour that is required to provide this important service continues to increase. The school district is committed to making our school meal program as affordable as possible. The cost to the school district for the food and labour required is now $70 per child/per month, based on the average number of meals served each year. This is the fee that participating families are expected to pay. Families that are unable to pay this full amount each month are asked to contribute an amount that they can.

The school district also recognizes that many Burnaby families find it convenient to have their children participate in the School Meal Program rather than preparing lunches at home. While this participation is welcomed, it adds to the cost of delivering the program. Therefore, families wishing to use the school Meal Program as a convenience are expected to provide the full monthly contribution of $80 per child.

The $80 monthly contribution is a fixed rate. In addition, students taking advantage of the School Meal Program are expected to participate for each day of the week. Food is ordered and prepared based on an established number of participants, and it is not possible to provide meals for individual students only on select days. Picking and choosing of certain meals during the week results in increased costs and food going to waste, threatening the viability of the program.

It is the parents’ responsibility to review the monthly menu and to ensure that their child is aware of any menu item that is prohibited due to dietary restriction. Parents are responsible to instruct the child to avoid this menu item. Despite our reasonable efforts, the school district cannot guarantee that there are no allergens which may cause an anaphylactic reaction in our menu items. Therefore, children who have life threatening food allergies should not participate in the school meal program.

On field trip days, students participating in the School Meal Program will be provided with a bag lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruit and a juice box. We recommend that you supplement this bag lunch with another item depending on your child’s appetite.

Your support of the School Meal Program is important and valued. If you have any further questions regarding the program, please contact your school principal or the district’s School Meal Program Coordinator at 778-999-3950.

How to participate in the School Meal Program:

Approximately every four weeks a new menu and payment envelope is distributed to each student. If circumstances do not permit for your full support of the lunch program, provide the amount you are able to contribute. ALL ENVELOPES MUST BE SIGNED AND SEALED. Every child who returns a signed envelope by the due date will be provided with a lunch. Late envelopes will NOT be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has a legitimate milk allergy, please send a signed note from your family doctor.

If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to Stride Avenue Community School. Post-dated cheques may be dated for up to 2 weeks past the due date only or we cannot accept them. Each child must have their own envelope to participate in the lunch program.

School Cash Online: Fees for the School Meal Program may also be paid Online – students still need to return an envelope with the Reference # indicated.

Registration Instructions:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Register by selecting “Get Started Today” and follow the steps

Step 3: You will receive a confirmation email. Select the “click here” option, sign in and add your child/children to your household account.


Please contact the school if you require any further information.