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Kindergarten Registration

Registration for new students for September 2017 has started. Children who were born in 2012 will be our kindergarten students for the 2017-2018 school year!

Here are some key things to understand:

  • Students who will be new to the district must register at the designated school determined by their home address.  This includes kindergarten students and residents of Burnaby who are not presently enrolled in the District. To help determine your attendance area click here
  • District students who want to attend a school that is not their designated school must submit a cross-district transfer application during the month of February.  Non-residents who want to attend a Burnaby school must submit an out of district transfer application to their school of choice. Click here to find these forms.
  • Language Programs also require an application.  For students entering kindergarten or grade 1, we offer early French Immersion at seven elementary schools.
  • Please see the school district website – under Parents and then Registration– for further information. Or click here: registration