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Gallery Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule for 2020-2021




Staggered Entry:

Students in Divisions 5-11

Students in Divisions 1-4

8:45/9:00 Classes begin
12:00 Lunch begins (Divisions 1-4 outside time/Divisions 5-11 eat inside)
12:30 Divisions 1-4 return to classrooms to eat/Divisions 5-11 have outside time
1:10 Classes resume
2:45 Divisions 5-11 dismissed
3:00 Divisions 1-4 dismissed

PLEASE NOTE:  If students are not able to arrive at their morning entry time they may come at 1:10 for the afternoon session due to Covid Safety Protocols. Staff members are not available to do health checks once the scheduled entry time has passed. If students must leave for appointments in the afternoon they should leave at the lunch hour. Please contact the school at 604-296-9032 should your child be absent for any reason.